Sunday, April 30, 2006

"[Your name] looks like"

A friend told me to go to google and type in "[Your name] looks like" and see what comes up. Freakin' Hilariousness is what came up. Danica did the same, so go to her blog and read hers as well. Here are the first 25 for my name:

[ p.s. I only edited these if there were spelling mistakes. No other corrections or additions were made!]

1. Matt looks like he has just had some speed and is tripping on acid.

2. Matt, looks like you got a pretty hip mom, who gave birth to a pretty hip kid.

3. Matt looks like he should be a pirate.

4. Matt looks like he hates ... everyone.

5. Matt looks like... that's hardly my fault.

6. Matt: Looks like some He-Man, some He-Man miscellaneous man figure.

7. Matt looks like our teacher called Mr. Budden. p.s he is weird.

8. Matt looks like he's reading.

9. Matt looks like the United Arab Emirates is a place to avoid according to the Danes.

10. Matt looks like he is about to stab him with his pen

11. Matt looks like brett anderson, even my mum said so (in fact she's the one who noticed)

12. Matt looks like a gerbil - But gerbils are cute.

13. Matt looks like Carrot Top suffering an aneurysm (which, come to think of it, we'd all like to see)

14. Matt looks like a miniature version of his father in his tiny driver's suit that is splashed with sponsors such as Coca-Cola.

15. Matt looks like Michael Jackson pre haircut?

16. Matt looks like Riff from Rocky Horror (walking death), and the kid there looks more hiv positive than Calvin Klein.

17. Matt looks like one of those guys that does the signing in the corner of the TV screen.

18. Matt looks like Matthew Broderick did in 1986--aka Ferris Bueller!!

19. Matt looks like he's enjoying prison food a little.

20. Matt looks like up close in his full greasy Cuban glory.

21. Matt looks like the kind of candidate I can totally get behind.

22. Matt looks like the baby gorilla in Tarzan the cartoon.

23. Matt's looks like no big deal--just another dark, old neighborhood corner bar sporting faded Grain Belt and Bud signs.

24. Matt looks like he is about to bite Joe

25. Matt looks like me.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

The American World

click to enlarge
& Also, I think Canda was supposed to read, "moose heads" NOT "mouse heads" although it could be a pronunciation joke or a very subversive crack at America, which is even more funny.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Time to be funny again.

Some Funny Signs and Pictures I've seen.
You might recognize a few from around town.

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